The Facilities

The Restaurant and Cafe

Specialized Fine Dining Restaurants and Cafe with ethnic Varanasi cuisine. These Restaurants displays the richness of Varanasi culture.

The Shops

TFC also includes a number of small shops where you can buy inimitable ethnic wares, savouring the delicacies of Varanasi heritage.

The Pre-Function Area

Just opposite the Conventional Hall there is a Pre Function Area which is best for small coffee breaks, afternoon refreshments, and social hours before general sessions.

The Lounge

It also includes a Lounge area where you can sit, wait and relax.

The Guest Room

They also have a number of guest rooms for visitors and guests to sleep in.

The Artisan Workshop Area

Artisan Workshop area helps you focus on the artist techniques. They're a good way to network with other artists.

The Audio Visual Room

Audio Visual Room where interactive learning sessions are held which is well equipped with a LCD projector and a large screen.

The Food Court

A large food court consists Varanasi specialities like sweets, chaat, paan etc.