The Crafts Museum

The Crafts Museum, celebrates the rich, diverse, and practising crafts of Varanasi. It is build to create a story-driven and engaging experience for visitors. The gallery includes provision for display of textiles, carpets and handicrafts in an engaging environment. The Museum also has an Amphitheater, designed to accommodate 250 to 300 guests and shall host multiple cultural events.

The Crafts Museum preserved the rare and finest specimens of Varanasi handicraft with the objective that these would serve as source material for the development of indian crafts. These source materials are meant for the people who are interested to know our age-old cultural heritage. This Museum is a special attraction for foreign tourists who wish to have a glimpse of Varanasi heritage.

The Craft Museum has divided into four parts.

  • The TanaBana and Handloom Gallery
  • The Carpet Gallery
  • The Handicraft Gallery
  • The Art Gallery

The Art Gallery

The Carpet Gallery

The Handicrafts Gallery

The TanaBana and Handloom Gallery